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тестове за бисфенол А - лого

Tests for quantification of bisphenol A in food and beverages using immunoaffinity chromatography

  • Тестове за бисфенол А

VICAM's BPATest ™ test is a sensitive, accurate quantification test for bisphenol A, based on HPLC technology.

Bisphenol A is a chemical used for industrial purposes in production of consumer polycarbonate products, such as plastic food and beverage containers, and epoxy resin products, including canister inner covers, jar and plumbing caps, dental materials as well as thermal paper. A number of international studies have found a relationship between bisphenol A and serious health problems in humans. Safety studies bind bisphenol A with a number of adverse effects ranging from diabetes, heart disease and reproductive problems, improper brain and hormone development, and breast and prostate cancer.

  • HPLC тестове за бисфенол А

BPATest™ pairs immunoaffinity chromatography with liquid chromatography (HPLC, UPLC) combined with fluoresence or mass spectrometry detectors to accurately, precisely and reliably detect and measure sub-ppb levels of Bisphenol A in complex matrices.

The VICAM's BPATest ™ test uses immunoaffinity columns with patented monoclonal antibodies and efficiently transforms the test specimens into a Bisphenol A ultrapure extract.

Ordering Information

Cat. number Description
176004211 BPATest Columns (25/box)
G1113 Phosphate buffer, 10x (150 mL)
36022 Filter funnel, 105 mm
31240 Fluted filters
34000 Disposable cuvettes (250/box)
23040 Vortex mixer
21020 Single position pump stand
35016 Methanol, HPLC grade (4 x 4 L)
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